World's largest rocking horse




A dream came true.

 After a year of working on the world’s largest rocking horse, the project has finished successfully.

The horse was designed and built by Ofer Mor, wooden rocking horses master,

a product designer who utilizes traditional methods,

owner of “Soos VeAgala” (Hebrew for “horse and cart”) studio in Kadima, Israel.



Technical Data

Height 6.1 meters

Length: 7.6 m

Width: 3.22 m

Weight: 2 tons



The horse is built from 300 sqm of Sandwich Birch wood,

about 20,000 screws, two telephone poles and painted with 300 liters of paint.

50 children can ride the horse at the same time.

Children from around the world participated in assembling the horse.

The money collected was donated for a children at risk association.

The horse was assembled and is located in Israel and built a modular

way that allows dismantling and transporting to anywhere in the world.